Autumn blush
Poetry Samples


Autumn Woman

She floats beside a chastened tree
astir upon the cusp of night
to bathe in summer's fading breeze
and dress 'neath sweetened amber light.

She walks upon this twilight land
where rising sun meets falling star
a timeless tryst older than man
a naked dance of ancient charms.

Until she spies the boundary
of cold denial held at bay
and roughly shorn of golden sleep
she wakes to bear another day.

And bravely unrepentant screams
              demand the truths of all her dreams.


                               Remember Thee

           Your dancing eyes like precious jewels
                      reflecting joyful inner glee
              so fill my heart with sweet renewal
                 thus I would pray remember thee.

            Your soul which mirrors heaven’s gaze
                      would fill an artist’s gallery
                of precious smile and loving face
                thus I would pray remember thee.

             Then decades whence my vision dims
                     while resting by the open sea
                  I’ll dream we kissed upon a whim
                 thus I would pray remember thee.

               And in one thousand years or more
                   this fragment of pale gallentry
                will manifest your charming grace
                  and all will pray remember thee.
Beneath a sleeping canopy, 
soft luminescent fingers search, 
and dapple ‘pon both twig and leaf, 
like golden freckles on the earth.