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Michael H. Hanson

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To date I have published three collections of poetry, “AUTUMN BLUSH,” “JUBILANT WHISPERS,” and “DARK PARCHMENTS: Midnight Verses and Curses.”

I have had short stories published in the last five volumes of Janet Morris’s ‘Heroes-in-Hell’ shared-universe series published by Perseid Press, and I am also the Creator of (and co-writer in) the SHA’DAA shared-universe series published by Moondream Press (an imprint of Copper Dog Publishing). 

There is also a link for “Space Force Adventures” (a mini-comic book series starring ball jointed french resin dolls Narin and Narae and produced by my sister Helen Harrison and me, and which ran in bi-monthly issues of HAUTEDOLL Magazine in 2008 and 2009). 
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy browsing my site and reading the various synopses, samples, and descriptions of my poetry, short stories, books, articles, blogs, and screenplays.  

Michael H. Hanson
Piscataway, NJ  
This is the Home Page of Poet and Author, Michael H. Hanson.

He has written the poetry books 
AUTUMN BLUSH and JUBILANT WHISPERS; is the Founder of the writers club 
is the Head Writer of the Dollfie-based 
sci-fi Series 
and created the shared-world anthology series
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