Jubilant Whispers - Early Reviews
I Dream of that enduring bliss,
that sweet and magical first kiss.

“This, then, the concluding couplet of Michael's poem ‘First Kiss,’ composed in flawless iambic tetrameter. It's a tribute to memory, a tribute to the spring of youth—eternally hopeful—and a tribute to lyric poetry.
In an age better characterized by its pragmatism—not to say cynicism—and by its all-too-terrible swiftness and shortness of time and attention, curiosity and attention, interest and attention, attention and application, it takes an act of unabashed courage to call a muse a muse and ask that she linger long enough to inspire. Michael has done just that, and done so with gusto.”

Russell R. Bittner, Poet
Brooklyn, NY

(Russell Bittner’s poems have been published on paper by: The American Dissident; The Blind Man’s Rainbow; The Lyric; The Barbaric Yawp; The International Journal of Erotica; Wicked Hollow; Æsthetica; and The Raintown Review – which nominated one of his poems for a Pushcart Prize in November of 2007.)


“JUBILANT WHISPERS is an ambitious collection of poetry and prose that is reflective, confessional, and autobiographical with a memoir quality about it. It touches on many aspects of life that the average reader will be able to relate to, including love. Though too sentimental for some, it will be perfect for others. It is written in a frank tone, proverbial in nature, with a hallmark flair. The poetic form is often traditional, with a favored rhyming structure of three quatrains and a couplet or four quatrains. These forms suit the digest of poetry just fine. I recommend someone cuddle up with this book of poetry and a cup of hot herbal tea. Sip them both together and feel the warm coziness they have to offer.”

John C. Mannone, Poet

(John C. Mannone, award-winning poet nominated for the 2009 Pushcart Prize and for the 2010 Rhysling Poetry Award. He teaches college physics and is the senior editor for the Journal of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers.)