Jubilant Whispers - Poetry Samples
Your eyes are the notes of a song,
born of finely lilting meter, and precision,
and rhythmic perfection.

Your laughter, silver, the words of a song,
joyous lyric, and script,
chiseled into polished eternity.

Your smile is the unity of a song,
made harmony, and melody,
in lush full lullaby.

Your heart.
Your wonderful vibrant glowing heart,
is an orchestra and choir
made whole upon
the unmatched opus of your glorious beauty.

And I play you, and sing you,
sweet draught of ecstasy
upon the strings of my soul
and the keys of my spirit
in awed enraptured unfettered adoration.

One perfect chord,
of resonant,
and undying,

Naked in Waves
At ease, I walk into his studio
to greet a friend I made one bygone year.
Before his palette and his canvas lies
this vision, aesthetically austere.

She floats upon a graceful green divan.
Unfashionably long and lissom hair
that spills across her breasts to slowly pool
over endless limb, neck, and hip laid bare

where poise so coy defies embarrassment;
marble visage -- in studied quiet style,
thus makes this creature’s exotic features,
and darkest charms a most bewitching guile.

Enthroned, barely tolerating her slaves,
on jade majestic sea, naked in waves.

I am surrounded by beauty:
delicate, small geometries;
gold and silver gilded-age frames --
portals to far exotic lands.

Pastel, charcoal, and oil pigments,
the epidermis of art --
these wonders of lush creation
mark the borders of my kingdom.

Magic seasons of sun, snow, leaves;
charming sirens forever posed.
They all withstand my loneliness.
I am surrounded by beauty.
A Song